Rubber boot liner VOLVO V40 2014-> ,black /N40011
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Rubber boot liner VOLVO V40 2014-> ,black /N40011 1Rubber boot liner VOLVO V40 2014-> ,black /N40011 2Rubber boot liner VOLVO V40 2014-> ,black /N40011 3Rubber boot liner VOLVO V40 2014-> ,black /N40011 4Rubber boot liner VOLVO V40 2014-> ,black /N40011 5Rubber boot liner VOLVO V40 2014-> ,black /N40011 6


Novline trunk mats for cars are made of a polymerized material and used in the vehicle trunks to ensure the cleanliness and comfortable conditions when using the car.





td>  safety


The presence of a mat protects the vehicle trunk from being soiled and from water. The lightness of the material allows the comfortable removal and putting the mat in place, avoiding the movement of accumulated dirt to the trunk space.

The environmentally friendly, polymerized material the mats are made of, offers anti-slipping qualities, it is inert to alkalis, acids, petrochemicals and other chemically active substances.

The elegant shape of the mats fits the configuration of the trunk floor. They have individualized, stylish patterns and shapes which are not deformed by exposure to ultraviolet sunlight. They offer increased resistance to abrasion.


Mats are ideal for protecting your car, makes ideal accessory for fishing, hunting, surfing, gardening and other outdoor activities.

Novline trunk mats are developed taking into account the individual features of the trunk space of each vehicle. In development, a 3D scanning method is used. .

Color - black.
The actual shape may vary with image sample.








Major applications:

  • Mark
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  • Year
  • V40
  • 2014 - ->

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